Re: 2.0.1 hangs during boot

Bruce Thompson (
Fri, 5 Jul 1996 16:53:40 -0700

At 15:31 07/05/96, Paul Matthews wrote:
>I saved the following message a few weeks ago:
>Theodore Y. Ts'o wrote:
>> I originally implemented the cuaXX/ttySXX lockout mechanism back before
>> FSSTND established a standard convention for the use of tty lock files.
>> Now that it's there, people should use the tty lock files and not try
>> using /dev/cuaXX. The only reason why /dev/cuaXX hasn't disappeared yet
>> is for backwards compatibility reasons.
>Looks like we definitely do not need any "cua?"'s any more.

Hi Paul,
That may be true, but it doesn't change the fact that when I use
/dev/ttyS1 during boot I hang but if I use /dev/cua1 I don't.


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