2.0.1 hangs during boot

Bruce Thompson (bruce@otherother.com)
Thu, 4 Jul 1996 09:59:25 -0700

I haven't had a problem booting a kernel in so long it was a real shock
when 2.0.1 hung during boot!

In my rc.serial I have the following:

setserial -v /dev/ttyS0 autoconfig
setserial -v /dev/ttyS1 autoconfig spd_vhi
stty 38400 crtscts < /dev/ttyS1

I know that I'm getting past the setserials, but I can't seem to get past
the stty.

Under 2.0.0, the serial driver is built as a module which is loaded at the
top of rc.serial. For 2.0.1 I decided to build serial into the kernel. I
also applied the minor patch that Carsten posted earlier, no difference.

Just to ensure that I'm not insane I'm about to rebuild my kernel from
scratch and I've put some echoes into rc.serial to be sure that it is
indeed the stty that broke.

For the record I'm running stty from binutils 1.12, setserial version 2.10.


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