re: Oops booting 2.0.1, solved.

Todd M. Roy (
Thu, 04 Jul 1996 10:22:51 -0500

>Hey everybody...
>I just got an Oops when booting a freshly compiled version of 2.0.1
>details to follow (if still necessary), when I get the energy to
>copy all the data (unless somebody wants to tell me how to get a hard
>copy). I mean it happened right away...
>Another in a series of good reasons that it's still nice to get data and
>information as an OS loads rather than a cute .bmp on boot.
>I have a fairly vanillia (and old) 486/33 IDE system. Using Lilo 19
>to boot, it still boots everything else including, thank goodness, 2.0.0.
>I'm almost positive these reports will start poring in, in fact, I think
>I may have already seen one ...
>-- todd -- (normally at

cough, cough, it turns out that there was (is?) something wrong
or different with the sound system. The oops occured in the sbintr
function. (in sb-common.c)

I rebuilt my kernel, only now I compiled the sound support as
a module. The new kernel loaded, but sound.o Oopsed when I
insmod loaded it. In sbintr again.

I loaded up DOS and tested my sound blaster 16. Apparently
it forgot about its midi port address.... I reset it to 330h and
now things are fine again. Something did change between 2.0.0 and
2.0.1 however, since 2.0.0 still loaded.

-- todd --