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Eric Schenk (
Thu, 4 Jul 1996 22:05:27 -0400

Bryn Paul Arnold Jones <> writes:
>Well I got one about dieting (I said something about making fat binaries
>that diet when they knew there host systems architecure), and then got an
>email about dieting (a just send $xxx to this address, and we'll send you
>instructions on dieting with out dieting ....).
>Well it was via the usenet gateway, so short of killing the gateway for a
>while, there's not much the list management can do ....

Ah. That might explain the junk I've been getting lately.
I've been too lazy to track it down. Something comes through
a little more often than once a month. Last one was something about
a hot stock market tip. God knows what I said that triggered that.

-- eric

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