Re: kerneld/request-route interaction bug with kernel patch

Eric W. Biederman (
01 Jul 1996 20:10:45 -0500

"A.N.Kuznetsov" <> writes:
> The second problem is that kerneld_send is intrinsically not
> reenterant, so that it is not allowed to be called from interrupt.
> The probability of crash is pretty small, but not zero...

This might explain the other day when I was running dosemu typed a:
and got the standard device not ready abort/retry/fail message.
Being impatient I typed rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
When I examined the loaded modules there were 2 coppies of floppy.o
after I rmmoded floppy.o twice and waited a while I could load my
floppy driver and things worked o.k. again.

At the very least there is a race where kerneld doesn't check what it
has loaded before it tries to load something.

Just thought I should mention it,