Re: Network performance

S. Lee (
2 Jul 1996 04:11:18 GMT

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Bruce Thompson <> wrote:
> A touch more seriously, that reminds me of a couple of wonderful Apollo
>features that I'd love to see in Linux. Those features are variant links
>and extended pathnames.
> For those who've never had the privilege of working on an Apollo
>system, a variant link is a symbolic link with an embedded environment
>variable reference:
> ln -s "/usr/${BINARY_FORMAT}/lib" /usr/lib
>would make /usr/lib a link to either /usr/aout/lib or /usr/elf/lib
>depending on the value of the environment variable BINARY_FORMAT at the
>time the link is dereferenced.

Hasn't somebody just implemented this? I saw it in one of the development
newsgroups, probably comp.os.linux.development.kernel.