Re: 1.3.85 first impressions

Robert L Krawitz (
Mon, 8 Apr 1996 21:26:53 -0400

Date: Mon, 8 Apr 1996 19:17:19 -0400
From: Robert L Krawitz <>

2) PPP performance is down. Yup, you read me right. Connected at
28.8, I'm now getting about 9 KB/sec (vs. 10) for a perfectly
compressible file, and 2.4 (vs. 3.0) for a .gz file. This is to a
Solaris 2.3 host. Linus, you tired of us screwing with your head or

BTW, performance to was much better (3.2 KB/sec), even
though that's going over a number of hops that the Solaris machine
doesn't have to deal with.

Robert Krawitz <> 

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