Re: 'Socket destroy delayed'

Andrew C. Esh (
Tue, 02 Apr 1996 16:02:34 -0600

Paul Slootman wrote:
> I can reliably get a "socket destroy delayed" by pinging a non-existent
> host on the local network, and hitting ctrl-c after a couple of seconds.
> This then shows up almost immediately in the syslog:
> Apr 1 15:51:56 pcpaul kernel: Socket destroy delayed
> Apr 1 15:52:06 pcpaul kernel: Socket destroy delayed


> This is on 1.3.73. I've already patched up to 1.3.80, but I'm waiting
> for some process to finish its brute-force calculation before
> rebooting... It has already run for more than a week.

This is reproducible on my 1.3.82, but I only get one syslog entry,
as I did with .79.

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