Memory bug in 1.3.84

Chris Hoover (
Sat, 06 Apr 1996 12:27:45 -0500

There appears to be a memory bug in 1.3.84. The kernel does not appear to
be releasing all of the allocated memory that a program takes.


started linux

4960 k used
18076 k free

started X (nohup startx &)
11388 k used
11648 k free

started Netscape and another color rxvt. Loaded a page into Netscape of hd
and dir a complete dir in term window.
19708 k used
3328 k free

closed Netscape and exited rxvt.

17528 k used
5508 k taken

exited X

13114 k used
9892 k free

The memory values were from top. Tested on a Pentium 100 w/ 24 megs of ram
and 17 megs swap. (Never used swap).

It appears that when the kernel returns to a previous state i.e. closing
down a program. That the reported available memory should be reported the
same as the original reporting. However, this is not happening. The most
blatent example being the exiting of X-Windows. The kernel with nothing but
top definately does not use 13+ megs.