Re: Linux isn't an operating system

Larry McVoy (
7 Mar 1996 18:28:10 GMT

I'm highly amused by all the chatter about what is Linux and what is GNU.
I don't really care what the outcome is (I am sympathetic to Mr Stallman,
certainly Linux [and FreeBSD, and OpenBSD, and NetBSD and Cisco] would be
nowhere without GCC - that's a contribution at least as significant as the
Linux kernel).

However, it's worth making one point: Linux is working well, in my opinion,
because it _doesn't_ get embroiled in these sorts of arguments. These sorts
of arguments have a lot to do with "taking credit" for who did what. That
mentality is what sank the *BSD efforts - all the personalities that wanted
to be chief. Let's not do that here, we have a good thing going.

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