Re: Which kernel to upgrade to?

Todd Fries (
Mon, 23 Oct 1995 09:28:22 -0600 (CDT)

> > 1. Which kernel version(stable) should I upgrade to?
> Either 1.2.13 or 1.3.32. Do *NOT* try to use kernel 1.3.33+ for the
> moment as they broke everything while doing an overhaul of the driver
> stuff.

While I agree with you that 1.3.33 is not good, I ran 1.3.34, and now
am running 1.3.35 quite happily. I guess it all depends on what
drivers you rely on; I rely on ext2fs, procfs, ide, and slip. I also
make iso9660, msdos, umsdos, ppp, sound, mcdx, mcd, and minix modules,
which has also worked. In addition, I've gotten userfs to compile, so
I'm doubly happy.

I guess it all depends on your experiences...

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