Segmentation Violation with UMSDOS

F.D. (
Mon, 23 Oct 1995 18:37:22 +0100

there is a real bug somewhere in the (U)MSDOS fs.
In the last few days many people posted about Oopses that
had in common that they happened on UMSDOS fs and mostly while
doing 'mv'. Since 1.3.31 UMSDOS is not usable anymore, and this
Oops is reproduceable. Just mount a msdos disk as UMSDOS,
create a file and a directory on it and move (mv) the file into
that directory. Oops, segmentation violation. Always the same call
trace (last rename_diff_dir) and the same function the EIP is in

The bug appeared in 31 and is still in 35.
I didn't find any reason for this change in the patch-1.3.31,
so I must have missed something.

I hope someone will find it and fix it, until then I have to
stay with 1.3.30.