Extended partition types with MicroSloth products

Pandora (pandora@SIRIUS.COM)
Tue, 10 Oct 1995 22:11:59 -0600 (MDT)

Somebody made a comment that Win95 creates extended partitions of type
'e' instead of '5'. I have had several problems using NT and Win95 on a
machine with 4 os's. I have not been able to check the partition type
id, but both 95 and NT create extended partition types that are incompatible
with OS/2. This happens with extended partitions that stretch beyond the
1024 cylinder mark. Letting NT write to the partition table at any time,
or just letting 95 look at it will molest the table so that only NT or 95
can access any partions in the extended. Fortunately I can write all my
partitions in OS/2 and format them HPFS, but I can not use NTFS, because
NT will not format a partition that it did not create.

NTFS does use the same partition ID as HPFS (another finger in the air at

FAT32 ? hopefully never IMNSHO - NTFS will hopefully kill FAT and !ugh!
VFAT forever...

Chris Pugrud

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