biod/nfsiod for linux?

Jon Peatfield (
Wed, 11 Oct 1995 03:56:38 +0100

Well I may just be missing several reasons, but why hasn't anyone implemented
biod/nfsiod for Linux yet? Looking through the bsd-4.4 lite source, the
kernel implementation of nfsiod isn't too nasty, but I'm put off doing it
myself by 2 things:

1. Someone else is probably working on it, and will release one soon.
2. I don't understand the way that the Linux VFS layer seems to be
implemented. I (think) I can follow the 4.4 lite VFS but Linux's seems
very different. Is there any documentation on the VFS/MM/buffercache
stuff for Linux, or example trivial file-systems to show the principles?

Would I be wasting my time 'cos someone else has done it all, or is there a
good place to look for more info? (I've read the KHG, but can't follow the
VFS description in there at all). By my reading of the source etc the current
NFS client code doesn't go through the buffercache at all which clearly can't
be right. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

-- Jon