Re: 1.3.28 and booting from secondary partitions
Sat, 7 Oct 1995 20:31:23 +0100

David Metcalfe:
: Reading boot sector from /dev/sda2
: open /dev/sda2: No such device or address

: The same happens with 1.3.30. However, if I revert to 1.3.15 again lilo
: updates the boot sector fine without me having to change anything.

If your /dev/sda2 is an extended partition, then this is as
expected. (When I saw how many innocent users killed a file
system by writing to the surrounding extended partition, I thought
that it would be a good idea to protect them by making the
surrounding extended partition inaccessible. But a few people
complained that this could give problems with LILO.
So, yesterday or perhaps the day before I submitted a patch
[1. give extd partitions a length of 1 block instead of 0 blocks,
2. accept Id 5 and 85 for extd partitions
3. implement `sticky' modifier keys on request of a single-finger
typist and a mouth-stick typist - now you can type Ctrl-Alt-F2
with a single finger]
partly removing this restriction again.
I see that it didn't make 1.3.32, so hope to see it in 1.3.33.)

However, if your /dev/sda2 is not extended, then I would like
to see more details (maybe output of "fdisk -l -x -uS /dev/sda").