1.3.28 and booting from secondary partitions

David Metcalfe (david@prism.demon.co.uk)
Fri, 6 Oct 1995 07:27:16 +0100 (BST)

I have lilo set up to boot from the second partition on my first hard disk
so that I don't have to modify the partition from which Windows 95 boots.
The two partititons are sda1 and sda2. Linux itself is on the second hard
disk in partitions sdb1, sdb2, etc.

When installing a new kernel image, running lilo worked OK with this setup
up to and including 1.3.15. I then waited a while before I upgraded to a
newer kernel - 1.3.28. Now when I run lilo I get the following error

Reading boot sector from /dev/sda2
open /dev/sda2: No such device or address

The same happens with 1.3.30. However, if I revert to 1.3.15 again lilo
updates the boot sector fine without me having to change anything.

What has changed between 1.3.15 and 1.3.28 that could be causing this
problem? I could build some intermediate kernels if it would help in
narrowing it down.


David Metcalfe		david@prism.demon.co.uk
Reading, England	Compuserve 100012,15