VC Problems

Raymond W. Lucke IV (
Fri, 29 Sep 1995 15:44:57 -0700 (PDT)

Problem #1
Between 1.3.27 and 1.3.29, all VC problems I had seemed to clear up, but
1.3.30 seemed to have the problem again.. The problem was/is that when
doing a process with a lot of load in one VC, if I go to another and do
some things (like IRC, etc), if I go back to the other VC, it will have
colors and 8 bit characters flashing on the screen. It looks like the VC
tries to print out the output, has an error, so all normal output that
would normally go in the VC gets garbled up somehow... I immediately
returned to 1.3.29.. last time I "ignored" the problem, I got an Oops
and locked up.. (lost some data too..)

Problem #2,
Also, the problem with backspace in Getty is still there... If I press
backspace at the login prompt (getty only), it does not display the
backspace... I noticed that even though it does not display it, the
machine still recognises it as a backspace.

Raymond W. Lucke IV
Flint Online