Linux kernels 1.1.0+

Tudor Popescu (
Thu, 28 Sep 1995 22:08:05 +0200 (GMT+0200)

To introduce myself as a new member of this list:
I am Tudor Popescu from Romania, sysadm of Computer High School
Bucharest(the capital). We do use linux quite a lot here(in fact Linus
may be comming to visit us in November at ROSE' 95). Anyway, if you drop
by here, you can give me a call at 777-4541(bucharest).

The problem is this:
We have a lab full of old dumb VT52s distributed on a FourPort, but they
wont work with any linux kernel bigger than 1.0.9. You realize this is not
convenient(not for me, but for the users) and that we wanted to make
things work again. We tried to modify several portions of serial.c and
tty_io.c char drivers, but as they have been changed very much from 1.0.x
to 1.1.x, we didnt succeed. In fact, they *do* work, but at 73 bauds and
they receive characters only when you press their keys. Talking about
what they send to the kernel is useless - it's strange, random chars.

So if somebody had the same problem or may have a suggestion, please
mail me at <>.

Tudor Popescu
System Administrator of
e-mail: <>
tel: 40-1-7774541