1.3.30 lock-up with SCSI

Henrik Storner (storner@osiris.ping.dk)
Thu, 28 Sep 1995 15:06:33 +0100 (MET)

I just had 1.3.30 lock up in a rather odd way.

I have harddisk and CD-ROM on an Adaptec 2842 SCSI adapter, and was
reading some files from the CD-ROM. Browsing the NET-2 Howto, actually.
The CD-ROM apparently spun down due to inactivity, and when I tried
to launch 'less' with another file from the CD-ROM, the session locked
up. CD-ROM did not spin up, and keyboard input to the X terminal from
where I was running this had no effect.

I could switch to another open xterm, and started typing. As soon as
I tried to execute a command, that session locked up in the same way.
As if any access to a SCSI device - disk or CD-ROM - would hang the

Switced to text-only console, with same result (lock-up when trying to
run a command), and ended up hitting the reset button.

Nothing logged by syslog (I guess it was locked-up as well), and no
messages appeared on the console.

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