Re: [jfh: oops also with kernel 1.3.29]

Fabrice Popineau (
Wed, 27 Sep 1995 08:45:38 +0100

>>>>> "Johann" == Johann Friedrich Heinrichmeyer <> writes:
In article <> Johann Friedrich Heinrichmeyer <> writes:

Johann> Sometimes connecting to the sun box with rsh results in
Johann> strange chars at the login prompt. Maybe there is a
Johann> hardware problem somewhere. But nothing should result in
Johann> an oops. And the oops appeared with 1.3.28 .... the hang
Johann> (being cured with telnet ..) appeared with the
Johann> kernels.

I have a somewhat similar configuration. When I do a rsh to a Sun box
(Sparc 10), I get a blank char just before the Sun prompt. I didn't
see this before 1.3.27. I am running 1.3.29.