Ricky Beam (
Sun, 17 Sep 1995 02:22:03 -0400 (EDT)

Note to all those "modules builders" out there... turn on modversions, compile
the module, and see what kind of h*ll insmod generates. Has anyone tried
to load the ext module? Of course not, we've all be pointing out
get_write_access pointer faults. BTW, try building an ethernet card driver
into the kernel and compile a few as modules... they won't be loadable
without some of the 8390 functions being in the symbol table, but sometimes
they don't need to be in there [catch-22] -- I'm starting to like the idea
of an "unstripped" kernel [ELF? ugh]

Note to the modutils maintainer(s), put the -[z][Z] options back in there.
And I'll like to see the -F option: f*ck it, load the module, resolve what
you can, strip the version information and get on with it, warn where ever
necessary. [Yes, this is about as healthy as a nuclear detonator in the same
room with the PC, but some nut has to put the option in there. And yes, I
loaded lp.o that way -- no resolution of bad_user_access_length and it still
worked ... tick, tick, tick..]

To quote Butthead:
Damn it Beavis, I'm not a kernel hacker.