problems to umount /proc on shutdown (1.3.24)

Olaf Schnapauff (
Thu, 7 Sep 1995 14:35:03 +0100 (MESZ)

I am running 1.3.24 (gcc 2.6.3) on an a.out System.

Today I encountered a problem with /proc on system shutdown.

>Could not umount /proc. Device or resource busy. Trying manually. umount
/proc failed.

This _only_ happens after a program ran (yes even when it already
terminated) on the system that opens an own port for incoming tcp
connections. I tried a DGD driver that allows telnet on port 3000, tried
different ports and tried a relay programm using different ports. Everytime
I shut down the system after one such program ran I get the error. 1.2.13
does not produce the error under the same conditions.

I am not sure it is a problem with the new proc code, unfortunately I do not
have the time to build an 1.3.15 with the old code at the moment. But maybe
one of the experts finds this report useful.