Re: Linux-1.3.22

Justin McKinnerney (
Sun, 3 Sep 1995 02:09:40 -0400 (EDT)

Well, I got the kernel, hoping it made fixes to problems I was
having with 1.3.21 (which, by the way, *are* problems with 1.3.21,
which I verified by compiling and using 1.3.15 - which ran fine).

First off, it didn't compile. It made a refrence in one of the
c files in net/ipv4 (igmp.c) to a member of igmphdr which did
not exsist (code). This, I believe, is what I might call a
bad thing. Regardless, I commented out the code and continued.
(Doesn't someone at minimum test compile the kernels before
posting them?)

Secondly, it's broken. It'd take a lot of probing for me to figure
out why, but networking just isn't functional (All i'm using is a
3com 3c5x9 card. No plug-and-play or anything. Just a genaric
16-bit card. Not rocket science.)

This isn't a complaint, knowing that 1.3.x are alpha, but it's
simply information towards making it a more stable kernel. If someone
would like to know more about my configuration and specifics about
the problems, that information could be made available (I would
do it right now but it's 2am here and the last few posts I
made seemed to be shoved under the carpet with people saying
either "This is an alpha kernel" or "It worked for me", which
I classify as a copout and a lack of development understanding,

Regardless, good luck. I'm sticking with 1.3.15 at the moment
and hope to be using your current efforts in the near future. :)

- Justin -