Pentium 90 PCI

Dave McGlumphy (
Fri, 1 Sep 1995 10:18:59 +0500

I recently bought a new Pentium 90 PCI bus machine and swapped my
old Conner 850A IDE drive into the new machine. It is running on the
built-in EIDE controller. DOS seems to work fine with it, although I only
had a couple hours to play with it. Anyway, the first time I tried to boot
Linux, the PCI stuff was detected and all seemed well until it tried to
mount the disk, then the machine just hung. I rebooted, and the machine
came up to the login prompt fine. I logged in and all seemed good until I
tried to vi a file. Vi would clear the screen, print the first line, then
go back to the prompt. I then tried a ls -la and got the login prompt as a
result. From that point on, when I tried to log in, it started bash, died,
and went right back to login. This disk was used in my old 486dx2/50 with
no problems. I compiled 1.3.20 with PCI in the old machine so that all I
had to do was swap drives. I haven't had to to look at the logs yet. The
last time I booted the system, I had fsck errors and it told me to run it
manually, which I also haven't had time to do yet. DOes anayone have any
ideas? I write back with any log information I can find.


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