Re: kernel 1.2.13 must be in /usr/src/linux ?

Cerberus (
Tue, 29 Aug 1995 14:45:28 -0400 (EDT)

On Mon, 28 Aug 1995, Jochen Toppe wrote:

> Have you ever heard of symbolic links?
> Put the kernel into some other directory and then create a link
> from /usr/src/linux to that.
> Like ln -s /wherever_the_kernel_is /usr/src/linux
> Or just change the entry in the include file.

I think I'm going to comment on this, seeing as i found the same
"problem" about a day before I saw the original posting ot this.

I use my linux box (with a full slackware install) to compile kernels not
just for itself, but for other machines running Linux that do not have
the developer's packages installed to save space (IE Minilinux, Linux in
13MB of drive space on top of UMsDOS, works great, but it can't compile
it's own kernels, for obvious reasons).

I went to rebuild a kernel for that machine, and simultaneously for my
own machine (enabling NFS and a certian ethernet card in both), with one
kernel compile running from /usr/src/linux and the other running from
/usr/src/linux.lalala (the name of the machine). The first one finished
fine, the second one did not, bombing out at the above mentioned cd-rom

I didn't think source code was directory dependant outside of it's top
level within it's own tree. IE linux/drivers should be able to be in
/usr/src/linux or /usr/local/src/linux .

If this is on purpose, then completely disregard this, if not, I can
supply a few places where this becomes a problem. (I haven't attempted
creating a diff for a patch yet, this might be the opportunity to do so).


A happy linux users, 3 times over,



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