1.3.21 wedged

Tue, 29 Aug 1995 14:07:45 GMT

I wonder if there isn't a memory leak somewhere. 1.3.20 died after
about an hour without leaving any messages I could find. The screen
just froze and ignored the keyboard. Since I run X, the
three-finger-salute didn't work (does it ever work under X or are the
keys trapped by X??), I had to hit reset. 1.3.21 lasted almost 10
hours before it, too, wedged again without leaving a message in
/var/adm/xxxx. FWIW, 486/100, 24 M, and gcc 2.5.8 (works for me!),
obviously not compiled as ELF although ELF support was enabled.

Going back to 1.3.14, everything is quite stable.