Re: Linux-1.3.21

root (
Tue, 29 Aug 1995 10:30:33 +0100 (GMT+0100)

hi.. i subscribed to this mailing list some days ago.. no bad move i
we're using linux here, because msdos sucks anyway for tcp/ip and can't
really run as a server in the internet.. so.. some comments ;)

> - updated networking code.. Some ipv6 defines, but no ipv6
desperately waiting for some IPX functions.. NFS is slow as hell.. check
this out:
copying a 700k file from the network to the linux pc: 4-5 seconds
--------- " " --------- the linux pc to the network: 6 minutes

that's strange, isn't it.. well.. i gotta say that our nfs server is NOT
the novell network server.. it's another pc running under os/2...
(nfs for netware = 5000 bucks ;)

> - fixed arp that didn't work for some addresses.
yep, didn't work... glad to hear that

> Please do check this out: I hope the 1.3.x series is starting to
> stabilize now. And keep the comments coming,
i've never had ANY stability problems with ANY linux kernel (and i'm
running 1.3.20 now...). keep up the good work..

p.s.: i'd really love to code on this too.. but i don't have a clue about
coding for gcc and linux :(