Re: Comprehensive list of boot args avail.

Matt Welsh (mdw@CS.Cornell.EDU)
Wed, 9 Aug 1995 11:23:34 EDT

Paul Gortmaker <> writes:
> A lot of people ask for a complete list of all the possible
> boot arguments that the kernel accepts. Well, I have made a comprehensive
> list (in std. Linux HowTo format) that contains all the parameters
> that v1.3.15 accepts. (i.e. I UTSL'ed it.)
> You can find the list on:

Thanks for doing this. I had already made up a similar list (albeit
shorter, as it was for a talk) at

> I have called it the BootPrompt-HowTo for lack of a better name. If
> there are no serious errors or omissions, I will pass the SGML source
> onto Greg to be included in the next batch of HowTos.

Do it! I'm also going to incorporate a list of options in the next
version of the Installation HOWTO and the I&GS. I find that people
often need to know these options when installing.