Re: 1.3.16 breaks X

Linus Torvalds (
Wed, 9 Aug 1995 18:44:35 +0300

"David C. Niemi": "1.3.16 breaks X" (Aug 9, 9:00):
> On both my home and work machines there are major problems with X
> and 1.3.16. At work it comes up with the background and cursor and
> is hung solidly (not sure if it can be rlogged into). At home X came up
> and was about to run the window manager (fvwm) and then died, going back
> to the prompt. I noticed there were some UNIX socket changes, perhaps
> they are the problem. I expect this is *very* reproduceable because my
> two machines are totally different hardware and versions of X.

This should hopefully be fixed in 1.3.17 - there were quite a number of
small problems in 1.3.16, and I made a quick patch17 to fix the worst.
I'm sure alan will continue to fix this for the next few releases..