Re: Console Lock-ups
Wed, 09 Aug 95 02:03:10 -0700

> I have a client with a Toshiba T2130CT, 8Mb ram, 75MHz DX4, pcmcia 3c589 card.
> The problem is strange, basically the console will lock up, Virtual
> Terminal flipping doesn't work, Ctrl-alt-del also doesn't work. The strange
> thing is that it generally strikes whilst the machine is idle, for example
> whilst I am typing at the bash prompt.
> This has occurred with both the 1.2.1 and 1.2.13 kernels and I am wondering
> if he is brave enough to try an alpha kernel.
> There are no error messages logged, and the machine seems to be running
> alright otherwise, I can telnet in from my portable. There are no processes
> running to cause the problem.
> If anyone else has seen this problem? or can help me I would appreciate it.
> It took a little persuasion for linux to be used rather than NT with this
> chap. I have never seen this on any other machine (and I have set up a

I'll give you an experience I had (which may or may not be relevant):

I got a Pentium 90 machine, set up Linux on it, and everything was
working fine, but every so often the keyboard would lock up. It was
only the keyboard -- I run under X, and the mouse still worked,
processes still kept going, etc. but the keyboard was completely
inaccessible. (This usually happened while the machine was doing disk or
other I/O, but that may or may not have any relevance.) I added a root
menu entry to reboot the machine, and this would fix things.

However, the problem got worse over the next month or so and pretty soon
this was happening every hour. In the meantime, I had tried upgrading
kernels, pulling out cards, trying different cards, etc. Finally, after
some very bad experiences trying to convince the company I bought it from
(Access Computer) that they ought to send the motherboard back and give
me a loaner in the meantime so I wouldn't have to sit for three weeks
doing nothing, I gave up and bought a new Biotech 75-180 Mhz Triton
board from NCA, and everything has worked beautifully since.