Console Lock-ups

Tim Towers (
Tue, 8 Aug 1995 00:28:16 +0100 (BST)

I have a client with a Toshiba T2130CT, 8Mb ram, 75MHz DX4, pcmcia 3c589 card.

The problem is strange, basically the console will lock up, Virtual
Terminal flipping doesn't work, Ctrl-alt-del also doesn't work. The strange
thing is that it generally strikes whilst the machine is idle, for example
whilst I am typing at the bash prompt.

This has occurred with both the 1.2.1 and 1.2.13 kernels and I am wondering
if he is brave enough to try an alpha kernel.

There are no error messages logged, and the machine seems to be running
alright otherwise, I can telnet in from my portable. There are no processes
running to cause the problem.

If anyone else has seen this problem? or can help me I would appreciate it.
It took a little persuasion for linux to be used rather than NT with this
chap. I have never seen this on any other machine (and I have set up a few).

For those who were following my previous problems, heres the update...

The problem I was having with my tapes I have put down to a dodgey
exabyte drive. It was out of a Sequent. My 6525 seems to be working
alright. The confusing thing was that it was reliably failing after about
450Mb of transferred data (?) often within a few files of where it failed
before (with a different tape).

The problem with the wild httpd process hogging all the RAM has not
reoccurred to my knowledge. Since I have not fixed anything then I
assume I have just been lucky.


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