Re: Console/getty handling bug

Miquel van Smoorenburg (
27 Jul 1995 22:11:13 +0200

In article <199507231625.MAA06274@taz.WPI.EDU>,
Bernie Doehner <bad@ee.WPI.EDU> wrote:
>With kernel version 1.2.11 and beyond (I even tried 1.3.11), whenever NO
>gettys are running on the system, and one logs in via the ethernet network
>"init" ends up running all the time and grabs
>roughly 80-90% of system cpu time, even while the system is idle

This is a known problem with sysvinit-2.4. It has been solved for
years, so if you use 2.50 or up it will probably work fine.
Unfortunately Slackware doesn't want to upgrade the init package.


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