Re: kernel config

H. Peter Anvin (
27 Jul 1995 16:16:09 GMT

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By author: Jim Lynch <>
In newsgroup:
> I restate my point here (incase you missed it:) Documenting the kernel is
> much more important than documenting the configuration. (besides, as I
> recall from reading c.o.l.a, someone already did a kernel config helper.)
> Why should I bang my head against the wall reading C source code and trying
> to understand it well enough to form english language descriptions, when
> the authors _already_ understand it, and could have done the job? That
> would be a waste of my time, or it would be something for which I should
> get paid.
> Writing commentary is not fun as it is, without having to do the
> underlying research as well. For me, writing commentary on K&R format
> code is impossible, because it is impossible for me to follow without
> thouroughly reformatting the code.

Maybe because the authors have other things to do, like fixing bugs
and improving performance? If you don't like the way the code is
formatted, use a tool like "indent" to reformat it for you. You can't
expect everyone to cater to your tastes and needs, sorry.


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