prototype kernel configuration program (patch)

Andrew Veliath (
Tue, 25 Jul 1995 00:59:02 -0400

If anyone is interested, I have a ~20k [gzipped] patch for v1.3.11 which
while not fully functional, gives at least an idea of what an alternative
configuration could be like. It is a bit heafty for a kernel configure
thing though I realize, but it might be interesting. All you need to do
is apply the patch and type 'make newconfig'. It does everything *short* of
changing your actual autoconf.h, and the original make config is unaffected
(however, it will run the sound configuration).

The patch requires bison/flex and the dialog program [preferably >v0.3,
the version on sunsite says 0.5 but when run it says 0.4 (?)]. One bad
thing about it was that it required the files to be rewritten.

Andrew Veliath <>