kernel config (fwd)

Jim Nance (
Thu, 20 Jul 95 7:36:20 EDT

> All the adjustable defines are kept in a database. Each define is
> classified with cross-references, dependencies, and options. This
> is so that different config programs can have different menu systems,
> yet be (mostly) independent of the kernel version.

I think this is a great idea. I tried making the changes to the kernel
so that the entire thing does not have to recompile each time you do a
make config. What I found was that the actual changes to the kernel
source code/Makefiles take less than an hour to do. The problem I ran into
was that I would have had to change the Configure script in some pretty
fundamental ways to make everything work. I have been thinking about the
best way to do this, and I think the scheme you suggest is it. Basically
you need a database which stores the configurable kernel paramaters, and
their relation to each other. I have tried to come up with a good syntax,
but parsers are not my thing.