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H. Peter Anvin (
12 Jul 1995 02:01:15 GMT

Followup to: <>
By author: Albert Cahalan <>
In newsgroup:
> It might be best to write a configuration program in C and just add
> it to the kernel source tree. This is the only language everyone has
> that is better then bash. (Perl, awk, Basic, etc. can not be used)

I think perl could be used -- at least a while ago, compiling the
53c8xx SCSI driver required perl (it assembled the firmware source
code using an assembler written in perl). Honestly, these days, I
think sed, perl and possibly awk can be considered essential enough
that they should be on any system advanced enough to have a C

I would personally prefer a simple parseable format which
could be modified by a front end of one's choice (based on a shell
script, dialog, a Tcl/Tk control panel, you name it..). Having a
user-friendly configuration utility would also let distribution
authors have "kernel configuration" as a much more reasonable
install-time option, reducing the number of people who just use the
install kernel.


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