Typo in 1.3.6 ewrk.c

Nathan D Spande (nspande@gac.edu)
Thu, 6 Jul 1995 08:58:52 (CDT)

Hello all. I just thought I'd make sure that somebody mentioned it,
but on line 1734 of drivers/net/ewrk.c (I think ewrk.c, maybe ewrk3.c
or something, I'm not on my linux box now), there are three close
parens at the end of the line where there should only be two. It gave
me a parse error when I did my make modules.
I also get an "Unresolved symbol in /lib/modules/1.3.6/fs/[minix,sysv].o:
_strnlen". I found the declaration in string.h, but apparently it
isn't getting linked in to the module. I am relatively new to this
so I could quite possibly be doing something wrong. I'm running gcc
2.7.0, the kernel was compiled aout. Thanks.