procps-based psupdate: ELF-kernel-capable version available.

Jeff Uphoff (
04 Jul 1995 20:20:19 GMT

Well, I've created a ELF-kernel-capable version of psupdate, based on
the procps-0.97 version. This version also fixes a couple of apparent
problems and puts the utsname information in the psdatabase properly.

It's available in "", both as a
patch to vanilla 0.97 and as an entire tar-file. Since I'm not the
maintainer of this package, I didn't increment the version number or
anything (that's rude)--I just tacked a "u1" onto the end of the version
number so that it's obvious that things are not straight 0.97.

Here's a quickly hacked-out README that's in the FTP directory for this:

I've added ELF-compiled-kernel capability to 'psupdate'. It still
handles a.out kernels, and can be compiled into either an a.out or an
ELF binary.

(Note that if you compile it in a.out format and want to be able to
handle ELF kernels, you'll need to define ELF_CAPABLE in the Makefile's
CFLAGS. Otherwise it'll leave all ELF stuff out as not to break on
people that don't have ELF on their system. If you compile it as an ELF
binary, you'll automatically get ELF kernel capabilities unless you
define NO_ELF_CAPABILITY in the Makefile's CFLAGS.)

Also, the utsname information, which was broken both here and in the
kmem-base ps suite (apparently), is fixed. This version now puts the
proper kernel-version information in the /etc/psdatabase file for both
a.out and ELF kernels (kmemps doesn't try to do this for ELF kernels; it
reads all symbols from the ASCII file and doesn't try and
parse the kernel itself).

This version does not yet have alternate-namelist capability in ps, nor
does it yet write a tty table to /etc/psdatabase (as kmemps does and
seems to expect). There's alway something to hack...


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