Re: [PATCH v5 0/5] arm64: dts: add description for solidrun am642 som and hummingboard evb

From: Vignesh Raghavendra
Date: Sun Feb 11 2024 - 23:11:16 EST

Hi Josua,

On 11/02/24 20:37, Josua Mayer wrote:
> This series adds DT bindings and dts descriptions for SolidRun AM642
> based SoM and Hummingboard EVB.
> Additionally a commit from downstream vendor kernel are included,
> enhancing support for pru based ethernet.
> I wasn't sure how to properly annotate it in commit description /
> signed-off area ...:
> 1. add description for "Industrial Ethernet Peripherals" (IEP) to am64
> IEP is already supported in-tree by a driver, and used in
> k3-am65-main.dtsi.
> Unfortunately dtbs_check reported many problems, I put some remarks:
> - 'mux-controller' does not match any of the regexes
> The expectation seems to be that a mux-controller at minimum has an
> address, something to put behind an @. However this is a gpio mux, not
> sure how to name it better.

I don't see this warning locally. Are you using updated dt-schema? reg
is not necessary gpio-mux as per gpio-mux.yaml

> - unevaluated properties: interrupts, interrupt-parent
> sensors and flash yaml are missing interrupt descriptions, but these
> parts definitely have an interrupt signal in this solidrun board.

Please add them to appropriate schema as necessary

> - wrong names for pinctrl nodes
> Other TI DTSs consistently end with *-pins-default. Should a different
> naming convention be used?

No, pinctrl nodes need to end in -pins. All TI boards have been updated
to new schema [0] and sysconfig tool on generates
appropriately. Please fix

> - cdns,phy-type required property
> inherited from k3-am64-main.dtsi
> there is a PHY_NONE value in dt-bindings/phy/phy.h,
> but not allowed in phy-cadence-torrent.yaml

Sorry, I didnt get what's the issue wrt cdns,phy-type ?

Note, I really don't want to accept patches that add new dtbs_check
issues especially for nodes that already have YAML bindings. Please
update the .yaml files as necessary.