Re: FW: [PATCH] i386: irq: Kill IRQ compression

From: Eric W. Biederman
Date: Fri Feb 16 2007 - 04:29:05 EST

"Natalie Protasevich" <protasnb@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> This routine actually renumbers gsi's. I don't think you can kill
> ioapic_renumber_irq without bringing down ES7000 that have swapped
> legacy/PCI ranges and are still out there. Moreover, mach-es7000
> purpose is to define and use the range swapper on the first ioapic.
> Kernel still assumes legacy mapping having no overrides of that
> extent. Perhaps the real fix is to have ACPI/MPS parsers to read the
> actual pin/gsi information from the tables, which turned out pretty
> difficult last time we tried.
> --Natalie

Yes I noticed, and you replied just before I send off an email explicitly
asking you about this :) At first glance I thought it was that other piece of
irq compression that showed up in arch/x86_64/io_apic.c but it appears
arch/i386/io_apic.c does not have that.

Anyway now all we have to do is bump up NR_IRQS and we should be good, patch
in a moment.

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