How to mapping Raid Mirror set on Promise PDC27x using device-mapper

From: Michael Thonke
Date: Fri Jul 23 2004 - 01:58:02 EST


I hope someone could help me with device mapping on mirror raid set.
I tried to map my Promise Raid Mirroset with device mapper, but
I could not get it working the devmap.raid1 I used is
I compiled dm-mod linear mirror und dmcrypt as module for kernel

0 80043264 mirror core 1 1024 2 /dev/hde 0 /dev/hdg 0

to get the mirrored Raid but if I run dmsetup I got an error like

device-mapper ioctl cmd 3 faild: device or resource busy

Any hints how to set up the mirror set using device-mapper are welcome

Thanks for help

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