directory inclusion in ext2/ext3

Date: Wed Jul 23 2003 - 14:36:44 EST


i have been looking for the possibility to display the contents of several
directories in another one, but have so far not found anything suitable.

the two possibilites i considered so far were:

- soft-linking all files one by one, but then changes in a linked file
(renaming, moving, deleting, ...) won't be noticed by the soft-links.
- LVM: exactly what i want as functionality but too low-level. i don't need
any device merging, striping, mirroring, but just want to be able to link

i think it shouldn't be so hard to implement something similar to
softlinks in ext2 that allows directories to have something like an
include-directive to display contents of other directories as well.

hope this ain't too naive :-))

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