2.4.22-pre7: are security issues solved?

From: Aschwin Marsman (a.marsman@aYniK.com)
Date: Mon Jul 21 2003 - 15:40:35 EST


Red Hat has released a new kernel today, that fixes several security issues.
I currently use 2.4.22-pre7, are those security issues solved in this kernel
too? Below are the descriptions from the errata:

> CAN-2003-0461: /proc/tty/driver/serial reveals the exact character counts
> for serial links. This could be used by a local attacker to infer password
> lengths and inter-keystroke timings during password entry.

> CAN-2003-0462: Paul Starzetz discovered a file read race condition existing
> in the execve() system call, which could cause a local crash.

> CAN-2003-0464: A recent change in the RPC code set the reuse flag on
> newly-created sockets. Olaf Kirch noticed that his could allow normal
> users to bind to UDP ports used for services such as nfsd.

> CAN-2003-0476: The execve system call in Linux 2.4.x records the file
> descriptor of the executable process in the file table of the calling
> process, allowing local users to gain read access to restricted file
> descriptors.

> CAN-2003-0501: The /proc filesystem in Linux allows local users to obtain
> sensitive information by opening various entries in /proc/self before
> executing a setuid program. This causes the program to fail to change the
> ownership and permissions of already opened entries.

> CAN-2003-0550: The STP protocol is known to have no security, which could
> allow attackers to alter the bridge topology. STP is now turned off by
> default.

> CAN-2003-0551: STP input processing was lax in its length checking, which
> could lead to a denial of service.

> CAN-2003-0552: Jerry Kreuscher discovered that the Forwarding table could
> be spoofed by sending forged packets with bogus source addresses the same
> as the local host.

Have fun,
Aschwin Marsman

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