Re: Suspend on one machine, resume elsewhere

From: Jan Rychter (
Date: Mon Jul 21 2003 - 15:41:33 EST

>>>>> "Pavel" == Pavel Machek <>:
 Pavel> Hi!
> If you want to migrate programs between machines, run UMLinux, same
> config, on both machines. Ouch and you'll need swsusp for UMLinux,
> too
> That might be more important than you think.
 Pavel> :-). Well, it is also harder than you probably think, because
 Pavel> UML is *very* strange architecture and it is not at all easy to
 Pavel> save/restore its state. There were some patches in that area,
 Pavel> but it never worked (AFAIK).
>> ... but there are many people who dream about swsusp for UMLinux.
>> Particularly some laptop users who want to suspend (at least the
>> most critical long-running applications) and/or find Linux way too
>> unstable and requiring frequent reboots.
>> The day UMLinux gets swsusp, I'm moving my XEmacs, mozilla and some
>> other toys into a UML machine and staying there. Hopefully then a
>> single problem with a USB driver, keventd running wild, or other
>> frequently encountered breakage won't be taking my entire world
>> down.

 Pavel> Well, then you may as well help porting swsusp to UML ;-).

 Pavel> OTOH, single problem with suspend *will* then bring your entire
 Pavel> world down :-(. You would be able to rollback, through.

But that's significantly better than any USB problem or any ALSA problem
or any ACPI problem bringing down my entire world, which is the current
situation with Linux 2.4.

I have the impression that the core developers are unaware of the fact
of how unstable Linux has become, particularly on laptops. I guess if
you do kernel work and reboot often, you never notice that. Besides,
doing stability work is "unfashionable"...

--J. (duly trying to report all bugs encountered)

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