Re: devfsd/2.6.0-test1

From: Martin Schlemmer (
Date: Sun Jul 20 2003 - 17:48:56 EST

On Sun, 2003-07-20 at 19:17, Andrey Borzenkov wrote:

> > Well, it implements probeall in another fashion. Also, you might
> > try /sbin/generate-modprobe.conf to convert a modules.conf to
> > modprobe.conf syntax.
> modprobe.conf syntax is easy to implement but unfortunately PITA to use.
> Exactly probe and probeall have been very helful in tracking module
> dependencies. Now you have arbitrary shell line that is near to impossible to
> parse in general.


> I added half-hearted support to mkinitrd and initscripts for Mandrake but it
> will never be complete given the current situation.
> Also I fixed devfsd to correctly use modprobe.devfs or modules.devfs depending
> on which kernel it runs on; patch has been sent both to lkml and devfs list
> and is included in current Mandrake devfsd.

As I have it in Gentoo, it is done modprobe side, but only because its
less patches (as Rusty already added the changes to his hack, plus the
modprobe.devfs I sent him).

> actually adding probe and probeall is trivial enough, I did not want to base
> Mandrake packages on that to avoid incompatibility.

Have you checked with Rusty yet if he will accept probe/probeall patches
for module-init-tools ? I (IMHO) do not see why it should not be
possible to add if its done cleanly, and do not break anything else.

> > Also, read the threads on the list about udev/hotplug - apparently
> > devfsd is going out ...
> as long as you have memory-based /dev you need devfsd even if it is called
> differently.

I have not looked at it myself, but as far as I have it, you do not
mount /dev, and just need udev/hotplug/libsysfs (not sure on libsysfs).
Currently udev still call mknod, but I think Greg said he will fix that
in the future.



Martin Schlemmer

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