Re: devfsd/2.6.0-test1

From: Andrey Borzenkov (
Date: Sun Jul 20 2003 - 12:17:32 EST

>> Agreed, it should. However, the last version I pulled had zero support for
>> probeall, and more importantly for probe, which is somewhat harder to do
>> cleanly without having to rewrite the config file for each kernel you
>> boot.
> Well, it implements probeall in another fashion. Also, you might
> try /sbin/generate-modprobe.conf to convert a modules.conf to
> modprobe.conf syntax.

modprobe.conf syntax is easy to implement but unfortunately PITA to use.
Exactly probe and probeall have been very helful in tracking module
dependencies. Now you have arbitrary shell line that is near to impossible to
parse in general.

I added half-hearted support to mkinitrd and initscripts for Mandrake but it
will never be complete given the current situation.

Also I fixed devfsd to correctly use modprobe.devfs or modules.devfs depending
on which kernel it runs on; patch has been sent both to lkml and devfs list
and is included in current Mandrake devfsd.

actually adding probe and probeall is trivial enough, I did not want to base
Mandrake packages on that to avoid incompatibility.

> Also, read the threads on the list about udev/hotplug - apparently
> devfsd is going out ...

as long as you have memory-based /dev you need devfsd even if it is called


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