Re: Bitkeeper

From: Marcus Metzler (
Date: Sat Jul 19 2003 - 04:45:20 EST

Larry McVoy writes:
> Who do you think is going to win that one?
> Besides, have you considered that it is that license you appear to
> dislike so much which provides for the product, the hosting, the free
> public machines, the support, all of that? It's a pile of money and
> time and I don't see RMS steppng forward with an open checkbook.
> The license means we have a revenue stream. We use a significant portion
> of that revenue stream to help Linux. If the revenue stream goes away
> then so do the services we provide to you for free. They obviously
> have value or you wouldn't be using them.
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> ---

Oh come on, you use Linux for testing and improving your software and
spin it in such a way that you do something charitable. From all your
mailings on this list I don't get the impression that you would do
anything that is not to improve your profit. I bet you can tax deduct
all that money you allegedly spend on linux and thereby increase your profit.

Anyway, this is no subject for the kernel list. Let those who want to
support Larry use bitkeeper and those who rather use free software use
something else.


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