Re: usb in 2.4.22-pre6?

From: Gene Heskett (
Date: Fri Jul 18 2003 - 12:36:50 EST

On Wednesday 16 July 2003 01:02, Gene Heskett wrote:
>Greets everybody;
>I have a camera, a Logitech(Sunplus ccd chipset) ClickSmart 310, usb
>interface, that almost works with qcam-vc. But I just noticed,
> after rebooting to 2.4.22-pre6 earlier today, that the display on
> the camera no longer is reporting 'PC', and that there are some
> messages that look like problems in dmesg.
>So my conclusion is that whatever has been adjusted in the usb
> stuffs, has now rendered the camera totally un-reachable.
>This would make life difficult as I'm currently in negotiations with
>the Sunplus folks on the left coast trying to get a data sheet on
> the chipset in it so that I might try to write a new driver for
> these.

A PS: to this one, clues if you will, to be added to the other info
I've posted regarding a ClickSmart 310 camera, and the qcam-vc

I built a kernel with usb debugging turned on, which made it work.
I'd also tried to build v4l into the kernel but that got an error
exit, so I went back to making it as a module. So with everything
V4L related is as modules below.

The difference between the verbose usb debugging on/off apparently
does something to the timeing. With the debugging on, it works but
the dmesg buffer is overrun so I don't get a full report only the
tail end, and with the debugging turned back off and the kernel
rebuilt, no other changes, then it fails, with these lines being
logged in /var/log/dmesg:
vid 0x04B8 pid 0x0005
host/usb-uhci.c: interrupt, status 2, frame# 1641
hub.c: usb_hub_port_status (2) failed (err = -84)
hub.c: connect-debounce failed, port 3 disabled

And the device is not intitialized.

Is this a usefull clue?

Cheers, Gene
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