Error using mii-tool on 2.6-test, 2.4 okay

From: Joseph Fannin (
Date: Wed Jul 16 2003 - 07:52:14 EST

        I've just switched another of my boxes over to 2.6-test; so
far, I've had only one problem -- attempts to force the network card
(tulip-based) to full-duplex with mii-tool fail with:

SIOCGMIIPHY on 'eth0' failed: Operation not supported
no MII interfaces found

       The same command works fine in 2.4. This the packaged mii-tool
in Debian unstable (1.9 2000/04/28). I've tried rebuilding the
package on another very similar machine, but the error remains.
Ethtool also doesn't work, but I'm not sure it did with 2.4 and this
card either.

       One thing that caught my eye: I have CONFIG_MII set to "y".
Are mii-tool and CONFIG_MII mutually exclusive? CONFIG_TULIP is "m";
should CONFIG_MII be "m" too?

Joseph Fannin

"Linus, please apply. Breaks everything. But is cool." -- Rusty Russell.

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