Re: is Ruby dead ? lkml: Real multi-user linux

From: Svetoslav Slavtchev (
Date: Sat Jun 14 2003 - 04:30:51 EST

Quoting James Simmons <>:

> > I was wonderin what does this post by James Simmons means.
> >
> > James did you abondon ruby in order to bring something comersial ?
> > there are no changes in ruby for a more then 4 monts,
> > and ruby is hardly useable/ compilable, and you are talking about
> > a production status?
> The 2.5.X version is broken. Instead I have beening working on making
> the fbdev layer stable. The api I developed while working on ruby. The
> 2.4.X version is quite stable. Alot of the framebuffer drivers could be
> dropped onto the 2.4.X ruby kernel and it would work. We do have a few
> changes in the framebuffer api that happened but that wouldn't take much
> to port to ruby 2.4.X.

ruby 2.4.X ?
does it exist?
there is nothing about ruby-2.4 on the linuxconsole web site, mailing list.
are there sources available anywhere?
does framebuffer console work in ruby-2.4

> > did i misunderstood something, or you have droped ruby for something
> comersial?
> No. I'm still working on ruby. All my 2.5.X is geared toward ruby.

where can one get your latest work?
linuxconsole's cvs and bitkeeper have no changes since more then 4 months,
there where no diffs posted to the mailing list too.


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